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Shaman Reserve Wet Badder

Introducing Shaman Reserve Wet Badder!

Shaman's "Reserve" series of concentrates are crafted exclusively from 100% Whole Plant Fresh Frozen cannabis, ensuring the authentic terpene essence of the plant remains intact. Each batch of Shaman concentrates undergo rigorous selection criteria, guaranteeing only the finest runs make it to the shelves.  By strictly adhering to a process devoid of color remediation or any additives, Shaman stays true to their commitment of delivering unrefined excellence for discerning palates. When you crave an authentic live resin experience, look no further than the "Reserve Line" – a promise of unparalleled quality every time. 

Each box is 1 gram


Because of transport, some units may have experienced minor leaking.

Flavor: Pomana Kush - Hybrid