50% OFF Delivery for Orders Over $250!

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Simply place an order, schedule your delivery, and send donation via cashapp (will be provided via text).

Then we'll drop off your order. Note: first timers will need to verify their ID after their first order is placed.

Once your order is submitted and you are verified, we will text you our cashapp to send donation.

ID's are used to verify that customers are 21+ of age. ID verification is only needed once and repeat customers can order without having to upload their ID every time.

At this time, we can only accept cash app.

Nope! We gift all our products and take donations in compliance with i71. If you have any questions with the process, chat us or send us an email!

We deliver to most of Northern Virginia and Washington DC. You can check whether we deliver to your zip code on the bottom of our home page.

At this time, we are only offering delivery; however, we plan on opening a store in 2024.

Yes! We are proud to be i71 compliant.

Message us on the chat bubble on the website, or shoot us an email at: team@weedzdc.com.

Yes, our minimum order value is 80.

Introduction:This policy is designed to ensure a fair and efficient ordering process for all customers. It addresses situations where orders are canceled or not attended without proper notice. The three-strike policy aims to maintain a positive and reliable ordering experience for all users.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy
1. First Strike:

  • Definition: Customer cancels or no-shows for the first time.
  • Consequences: Warning issued, no immediate action.

2. Second Strike:

  • Definition: Customer repeats cancellation or no-show.
  • Consequences: Written warning, potential temporary account suspension.

3. Third Strike:

  • Definition: Customer violates policy for the third time.
  • Consequences: Permanent account ban and automatic cancellation of existing orders.

Appeals Process:

  • Customers can appeal unjust strikes through customer support.

Return and Replacement Policy for Vapes, Disposables, and Carts:

At Weedz DC, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality vaping products. To ensure customer satisfaction, we have established the following return and replacement policy for Vapes, Disposables, and Carts:

On-Site Functionality Test:

Customers are encouraged to try the functionality of the purchased vaping product on-site at the time of delivery.
We provide customers with the opportunity to test the product to ensure its proper functionality before accepting the delivery.

Replacement Guarantee for On-Site Testing:

If the vaping product does not work as intended during the on-site functionality test, Weedz DC will promptly replace the item at no additional cost to the customer.
This replacement guarantee is applicable only when the customer tests the product on-site and reports any issues immediately.

Customer Responsibility for Off-Site Testing:

In cases where customers choose not to try the product on-site during delivery, Weedz DC will not be able to provide a replacement for any functionality issues reported afterward.
Customers are responsible for thoroughly testing the product on-site to identify and report any issues promptly.